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Commercial Studios

There is an ever increasing trend to working from home and working in a garden office. Not everyone does desk based work though, but with a bespoke designed garden room, working from home with your own personal trade or skill is also possible.


Working From Home

With high rents and the commuting nightmare, more people are now working from home and that isn’t just desk based jobs.  At Cosy Garden Rooms, we are getting more people asking us to build a bespoke room in which they can work from, ranging from simple workshops to salons and other kinds of treatment rooms.  

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Saving More Than Money

The cost savings of moving your business to your back garden is huge. The building cost is soon offset when compared to the rent, rates, services and commuting that you would have been paying for in a traditional working environment.  These businesses could be nationwide online services or hyper local services tending to the needs of your community.  Common business who have moved their HQ to their back garden include:

  • Hair salon

  • Nail and beauty treatment

  • Physio and massage services

  • Specialist bespoke gifts

  • Pottery studio

  • Art studio and gallery

  • Artisan chocolate maker

  • Celebration cake bakery

  • Sound recording studio

  • Music teaching classroom

  • many, many more.

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Family Business

The time you save by working from home is hard to put a price on.  Whether you choose to use the time to have more quality time with the family or to put back into productive activities for the business is up to you.  At least you don’t have to dodge those pot holes on the way to work!

Making It Work

A big advantage to engaging with Cosy Garden Rooms to create your working environment is there’s no set design that you have to fit in with.  Instead, by listening to your requirements, knowing what needs to go into the room and designing a space that fits those items, means your work from home space is perfect.  Even down to the positioning of electrical sockets and lighting. So if you are a hairdresser, your hair dryer can be plugged in right next to the mirror. If your work is craft based, we can make sure the lighting is positioned above your workstation so you get a well lit area to see what you are doing.  
Tell us about your business, what you do and what space you need to operate from. From this, a bespoke garden business room can be designed.  With a choice of cladding options and colours, why not choose the cladding colour that best matches your business logo and then go on, stick a sign by the door and be proud of where you work.  You have just taken your business to the next level. 

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