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School Classrooms

Schools, education establishments and anywhere you have a learning environment, that teaching often takes place in a traditional classroom. Many of these places though have cramped classrooms and ever increasing numbers or wish to venture outside and teach a Forest School curriculum.


Learning Environment

Any teacher knows that the environment you teach in does have an affect on the quality of the learning.  An overcrowded classroom, too cold or too hot, ageing infrastructure or many other negative factors can distract a student from engaging fully with the lesson.  What Cosy Garden Rooms has done is take the expertise of finding solutions for people at home and modified the design to meet the needs of the classroom and school.


Modern Additional Classrooms

It is not a new concept of creating additional space at school by the use of an outdoor room.  The term terrapin classrooms is still commonplace, but these were mainly introduced as temporary classrooms but many are still in use today.  Compared to modern standards, these rooms are cold, draughty and as mentioned before, not somewhere that would be conducive to good quality learning.  Cosy Garden Rooms use modern building technology to ensure a great level of insulation so that the school budget isn’t blown on just trying to keep the space warm.  It is also strong, able to withstand the rigors of having years of children through the doors, a test of many a school building structure.


Multiple Uses

The additional room we build for you in your school grounds doesn’t have to be a classroom.  Uses include:

  • Traditional classroom

  • Outdoor classroom for forest school

  • Staff room

  • Time out or reflection space

  • Breakout room for small groups

  • Art studio

  • Dance studio or gym for PE lessons

  • Office and admin space

Expert Knowledege

For the planning permission for outdoor classrooms, the school business manager may already know but if not, a call to the local authority may be needed.  Often the process is quick as the need for the additional space has a benefit to the school and therefore the community and to date, Cosy Garden Rooms have never had a school room not authorised.  The best way to find out is talk to us first and come up with a design that meets your needs which can then be used to check what permission and from whom you need to gain it. 
Cosy Garden Rooms have a former teacher on the team who knows the system well so we are expertly placed to ensure you get the perfect solution.

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