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Cosy Garden Office Rooms

Working from home has become more popular due to Covid government guidelines. For many this meant working on the dining or kitchen table or a make-shift home office in the corner of the bedroom. Reclaim your personal space by creating an outdoor office in your garden. Best commute ever!

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Working From Home

In order to maintain a healthy work life balance, how and where you work is important. More people than ever before are now working from home and finding that separation more difficult. It is too easy to quickly check your work email while enjoying your breakfast only to find yourself sitting at your computer at lunch time still in your PJs! The answer is simple and it is to get out of the house and install an outdoor office in the garden. Get dressed, make yourself a flask of coffee, announce to the family you are off to work, open the back door and walk down your garden to your insulated garden office – the best commute ever! That physical separation takes away the temptations of the house. Just watching that next episode on Netflix or sticking another load of washing in the washing machine.


Designed To Work For You

Modern garden rooms with bespoke design can provide you with the ideal working space and make you more efficient. Having a garden room which is designed to fit your furniture, the lighting and sockets where you need them and the privacy you need for that all too important video call. This is what an insulated garden room can provide. It might be a small garden office, just enough space for you to work in or you may be fortunate enough to have a little more space in your garden. Then you could have a multipurpose room for you to use in the daytime as an office and as a family garden room in the evenings and weekends.


Stylish Spaces

Maybe your only option for building a garden room is to put it where your shed is now. Then why not have a shoffice! This is a hybrid room with a hybrid name. A mixture of shed and office hence the name, shoffice. You could have one garden building with an ideal space for working from home in and to the side, a garden storage room but all with the same look and feel and exceptional build quality. So your garden doesn’t look like a garden centre display of different buildings, but instead has one purposefully designed space that encompasses both requirements and makes your garden look a lot more stylish in the process.

Saving Time & Money

If you run your own business from home or have an employer who is supporting your working from home status, it might be worth checking with them or your accountant about buying your garden office through the business. There could be some tax benefits from doing so and how much depends on how much of the garden building you use for business and how much is just an entertaining garden space. There are other savings too compared with a traditional office away from the home. Chances are you can share your broadband that you already pay for as one example. We can extend your broadband internet to your garden office, to ensure you can work without a dodgy connection making those video conference calls a nightmare of dropped connections.

Cosy Garden Rooms will work closely with you to design your working from home space. Your garden office will be designed to fit your space, budget and working requirements. The more information we have about what you need in order to work from home well, the better your garden room will be. So we recommend you take a photo of your garden where you would like your outdoor office to go, back this up with some physical dimensions and if possible, a rough sketch of what you think might work for you in the garden.

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