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Combined Garden Rooms

When you decorate your home, you try to find a theme and make sure that things work well together from soft furnishings, carpets and curtains.
Then why not do the same with your garden design? If you are needing an amazing garden room, maybe a maintenance free garden office, do you really want that old shed standing next to it?

Dark grey composite busy room.jpg

Combined Or Shoffice Room

So why do we call it a Shoffice Garden Room?  That is just a funny play on words linking shed and office garden room together.  What an insulated garden room with storage offers you is a stylish garden room with multifunctional uses but looking like 1 building, the storage or shed part hidden within the design.  The storage room doesn’t have to be just accessible from the outside either.  If you are running your business from home and need storage for your work related files or stock but you don’t want it all on display, then have the store room accessible via an internal door.  

Internal 2.jpg

Safe And Dry Storage

There are many advantages to garden rooms with side storage more than just the aesthetics.  The store room will be built to the same high standard as the rest of your garden room so it will last as long as your garden building does.  It also will be dry so if you have to store stock or keep a filing history (we have built a few garden offices for accountants!) you know that whatever is in there will not get damp or be vulnerable to rodents.  If the garden room side storage is just for your gardening tools, we can board internally with a strong ply board to allow for all those bumps and scrapes that it is likely to have and have a secure external door to the garden.


Planning And Building Regulations

Having a combined garden room with storage does mean that both parts together count towards the allowed size for a garden building under permitted development rights.  So if your building is less than 1m off your boundary, this means 15m² and if 1m or more away, 30m² of internal space.  So what happens if you want a 15m² garden office close to your boundary but you also want the garden storage room?  Not a problem at all.  We can make a garden storage room as a separate building from the garden room, therefore they both count individually towards your permitted size of garden room.  We will make the shed in the same material as the garden building so you still get that themed looking garden you were after.  This method also means you don’t have to have the 2 buildings next to each other either, they could be positioned in different parts of the garden.  This is something we can discuss as part of our design service.

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