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Hobby Room

A hobby room in your garden will give you a dedicated space specifically designed for you to pursue and enjoy your favourite hobbies and activities.


It provides a personal retreat away from the distractions of daily life, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your chosen pastime; be that crafting, brewing, painting, collecting, model trains, music or photography.

The design of your hobby room can be tailored to your specific hobby and preferences. We can make sure that you have the perfect lighting, ventilation, sound proofing, storage, and work surfaces.


Depending on your hobby, you may require special equipment or tools, we can incorporate storage areas, separate rooms and workspaces. A comfortable and inspiring environment will enhance your creativity and enjoyment.

If natural light is important to you, we can fit large windows, sky lights and/or sliding doors. Large windows will not only let natural light flood in they will give you views of your garden and surroundings; maybe just the inspiration you need.

To keep you organised we can build bespoke workbenches and storage solutions, making sure that you maintain a clutter free and functional space. Talk to us about your technology and connectivity requirements. We can provide all the electrical services and technology infrastructure that you need.

Having a dedicated workspace away from the house to work on your hobby can be a wonderful way to relax and escape the stresses and distractions of everyday life.


In most cases, a garden room can be constructed under permitted development rights in the UK. 

There are limitations and conditions regarding size, location, usage, and appearance that must be met. 

Contact Us for advice, we are happy to help. 


Free design appointments and site visits are available in person or via video call, where you can discuss your ideas, progress your designs, hear our recommendations and choose styles, sizes and options. 

IMG-20211209-WA0013 - Copy.jpg

We can build your garden room specific to your hobby; do you need more or less natural light? All doors and windows are customisable plus our construction method means Cosy Garden Rooms are the most secure garden rooms available. We can build to any size, shape or configuration. 

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