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Foundation & Floor

Unlike many other companies out there, we prefer to do things properly and where possible, that means a concrete base. A solid foundation is the key to a building continuing to function correctly for years after we have finished installing your garden building. Much less settling in and therefore less likely to need to adjust the doors so they lock again or toe and heel those windows so they shut without slamming. If you don’t know, that means adjust the glass in the frames when the frames are forced out of shape. However, you will probably never need to know that phrase when you have a Cosy Garden Room anyway!

Optimised Floor Construction 1.gif

Our concrete base, depending on the site, consists of at least 100mm of concrete surrounded by a damp proof membrane which is run up the wall behind the cladding. This ensures no water can get under the floorboards. Then a 25mm insulation board is fitted within the wall structure on top of the concrete base and the floorboard is assembled on top to create a sturdy floor. As standard, this is finished with a choice of click-lock laminate flooring with skirting board or if needed, a non-slip vinyl floor with cap and cove skirting.

Optimised Wall Construction 2.gif
Optimised Roof Construction 1.gif
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