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Games Room and Garden Bar

Life isn’t just about work or working out. Spending enjoyable time in your garden room with friends and family might be just what you need. A party room with a bar for those fun-filled celebrations and your house stays clean and tidy!


A Place To Enjoy

Upgrade your drinks cabinet and get an entertaining space in your garden that is the envy of everyone who visits. A garden room bar will soon become the place to be and not just for celebrations or parties, but just to chill in and relax following a hard day at work.

Composite Pool Room with canopy.jpg

Your Own Bar

Cosy Garden Rooms have installed many bar rooms in gardens of all shapes and sizes. It might be just a small bar room with a few stools to sit with your mates and laugh the night away. If you can, it might be a bit bigger and have space for that dart board or maybe even that air hockey table you have always wanted. Either way, we will work with you and come and visit your garden, design the garden room bar to fit the space and budget you have. The specific requirements can always be taken in account, like where you want sockets for the all too important beer and wine fridge!

Internal bar.jpg

Party Space

Our high levels of insulation within the walls and roof of our garden rooms will allow you to enjoy the garden bar all year round. You will have many Christmas parties in there and you wait for that New Years Eve party in the garden room bar, it will be memorable depending on how much you drink of course! The design and insulation also works well from a sound-proofing point of view too, so don’t worry about disturbing the neighbours too much.

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