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Cosy Garden Gym Rooms

Many of us use gym equipment to exercise and keep fit. This might be having your gym machines in the corner of the living room or conservatory. You might even be spending £100s a year on a gym membership. More people are moving to installing a bespoke designed garden gym room.


Gym In Your Garden

Exercise is vital to keeping fit and healthy and many people achieve that with a combination of activities including using gym equipment such as a treadmill, rowing machine and multi-gym machines. Modern Gyms have known for some time that the way to engage someone on the cardio machines is to put them in front of a TV and allow them to exercise without really noticing how long you are spending on the machine. To do that with a home gym, that often means taking up space in the living room, but then it is hard for anyone else in the room to watch the TV too while you jog up and down in the corner!


Designed For You

Cosy Garden Rooms have the answer and it is to have your own gym room in the garden. There are key points to take into account when designing your outdoor gym room and these are centered around how you plan on using it. The first thing in the foundation as the machines in there are often heavy and using them can mean repeated pounding and vibration. It is important that if you can to have a concrete foundation which at Cosy Garden Rooms we favour anyway. Next is the internal height. Most garden rooms have a 2.2m internal height because under permitted development rights, you are only allowed an external height of 2.5m if close to your boundary. However, with permission or if you can be at least 2m off your boundary, you can go to 2.5m internal height. This is generally more than enough for most people to exercise in and, even if you are tall, jog up and down on that treadmill without your head getting too close to the ceiling.


Multifunctional Spaces

Whether you have a small garden gym room or go for a multi-function room with a gym at one end and maybe a garden office space at the other, we can work on a design with you that suits all requirements. Part of the detail is where you need electrical outlets for those machines that need to be plugged in. Oh, and let’s not forget that all important TV on the wall. We can design the room so we know where you will be facing and make sure the wall you’ll be looking at is ready to hang a TV on with a suitably placed power socket at least.

Discuss your home gym garden building with our expert in-house design team and we will get back in touch and have you exercising at home in your garden gym in no time!

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