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Office Pods

The Single and Double Office Pods from Cosy Garden Rooms provide the room you need from as little as £6600 including delivery, installation and VAT.

Office pods have become increasingly popular in recent years as a flexible and versatile workspace solution. These compact and self-contained units offer individuals and businesses a convenient and cost-effective way to create an office space separate from their main property. 


Office Pod Concept

Bespoke garden rooms come in any size or shape.  As such, with the way raw materials are, there can be offcuts and other wastage that cannot be used in the building but contributes to the cost of that structure. The Office Pods are design in set sizes to use materials perfectly with little or no waste and therefore can be keenly priced.  

There is still flexibility however.  You can still choose window and door options for example  

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-21 at 17.49_edited.jpg

Single Office Pod

Starting from £6600, the single office pod is approximately 2m×2m with a small opening window and single door as standard.  An additional window can be added to the side for extra light into the room. Inside you will have a single pendant light and a double socket, with electric upgrades available as required.


Double Office Pod

From £11200, the Double Office Pod is 3.7m×2m and the standard configuration is a larger opening window and single door.  The option to have a french door or, as shown in the image above, a sliding patio door, is also available. The electric package included is 1 pendant light and 2 double sockets and 2 downlights in the overhang.  These can be upgraded to dimmable internal spots, additional sockets and more.

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