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Roof Construction

Although appearing to be flat roofs, there is a slight pitch which is created on the strong timber frame with what is called a fillet. This runs to the back of the building so rain water can flow into the gutter. The roof is covered in one seamless piece of EPDM rubber, so no joins or gaps that can leak. This helps to guarantee the longevity of your garden building. Fascia boards finish the roof off and commonly in a colour to match the frames of the door and windows.

Optimised Roof Construction 1.gif

Between the rubber roof on the outside and the MDF boarded ceiling on the inside, the roof structure is filled with rockwool insulation to keep the rising warmth inside the building and the cold air out. LED spots in the roof provide the main lighting for your room, controlled by a dimmer switch so you can create the perfect ambience.

Optimised Floor Construction 1.gif
Optimised Wall Construction 2.gif
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