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Cosy Garden Room - A Blank Canvas

The Gardens of a #NewBuild property can sometimes be quite bland when you move in. It takes vision, style and bravery to get stuck in and change it up.

This blank canvass is exactly how to do it, creating a stylist garden with a green area and walkway to a Cosy Garden Rooms build and covered seating area!

We're sure when this customer comes to sell their property, they'll have done a great job at adding some serious value to their property also!

If you've got a blank canvass out the back and wondering how to add a bit of spice, contact us at Cosy Garden Rooms and we'll show you how a custom build #GardenRoom can transform the space in your #Garden today!

Contact us on 0115 7722715 or, email or via our website here

and we will be happy to discuss possibilities, options and costs with you.

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