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How Much Does A Garden Room Cost?

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

How much does a garden room cost? This is usually the first question we are understandably asked; we all want an idea of how much something will cost from the outset.

Unfortunately, it isn’t an easy question to answer because the cost of a garden room can vary depending on size, design, materials, location, base and fit out. That said on average, a basic garden room costs between £10,000 and £25,000. However, more customised or high-end designs can reach prices of £50,000 or more.

Garden office built in place of a shed

A home in Kings Lynn already has an existing concrete foundation base that was for a shed which is suitable for the building. The shed had power running from the house mains supply which was suitable for the garden room. The dimensions are 2.5m×2.0m and the room will be used as a garden office. For £10,000, the garden room will come with maintenance free cladding, lighting, sockets, decoration, fully insulated, delivery and installation.

Large garden room built from scratch including the concrete foundation base

In Chester, a customer is after the largest garden room they can have under permitted development, which is 8.0m×4.0m, giving them an internal area of 30m². There is just grass where the garden room is so it needs a concrete foundation base, power running with an armoured cable from the house mains supply which is 20m away. The building will have a bifold door, 3 more windows, cedar cladding, grooved internal boarding, building electrics, decoration, flooring, insulation and installation and would cost £45,000.

In this blog post, we will look at the various factors that influence costs.

Size and Design:

The size and design of a garden room play a significant role in determining the cost. Larger garden rooms require more materials and more labour as they take longer to build. Controversially, a small garden room might be more expensive than you think due to fixed costs and waste materials. The most cost-effective size is 3.7m×2.0m as this results in the largest size with the least waste.


The choice of materials for your garden room can significantly affect the cost. There are many cladding options from maintenance free composite board to cedar and other low maintenance timber. If you need a new foundation base, this will also affect the cost. Your budget and aesthetic preferences will influence which materials are suitable for your garden room; for example bi-fold doors are more expensive than French or patio doors and aluminium doors and windows are more expensive than UPVC.

Foundations and Installation:

The requirement of a new foundation base will affect cost; concrete being widely considered to be the best, because it is strong, level, and durable, it will provide a secure, protective, and permanent foundation for your garden room. Timber frame or ground screws are more suited to smaller garden rooms. The complexity of the installation process and accessibility can and will influence installation and build costs.

Insulation and Utilities:

Investing in high quality insulation will enhance the usability and energy efficiency of your garden room. The cost of insulation materials and the installation process should be accounted for. Additionally, if you require electricity, heating, or plumbing in your garden room, the cost will likely increase due to the necessary connections and fixtures.

What's Included in the Price?

Different companies price their buildings in different ways. Some companies give an inclusive price to begin with, including base, flooring, decoration, a basic electrical package etc, whilst others give initial prices minus these items. Some include installation whereas others don’t.

The only way to get an accurate cost is to consult with a garden room supplier for a tailored quote based on your requirements and preferences. Cosy Garden Rooms offer a free design and quotation service.

Contact Us to request a no-obligation quote. We also offer a price guarantee so it really is worth getting in touch, it could result in significant savings.

In addition, any building brought up until the 30th November 2023 can be fitted up to 31st March 2024 locking in the price on payment of the deposit.

Price Includes:

  • Design

  • Garden room construction

  • Delivery & installation

  • Concrete base where required

  • Any shape or size

  • Cladding

  • Insulation

  • UPVC Doors and Windows

  • Internal decoration

  • Flooring

  • Internal electrical package (lighting and sockets) with the option of running power to the building if required

  • VAT

4m x 3m

Usual Price £17,950

Autumn Event Price £15,950

SAVING £2,000


5m x 3m

Usual Price £21,500

Autumn Event Price £18,950

SAVING £2,550


6m x 4m

Usual Price £25,650

Autumn Event Price £22,650

SAVING £3,000

Cosy Garden Rooms - Autumn Event - Garden Room Sale, high quality buildings, reduced prices.

If you would like to talk to us about a project or get a no obligation quote please contact Mark on 0115 7722715 (calls and WhatsApp) or email

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