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Maximising Space and Overcoming Access Issues

Adding a garden room to your home provides a fantastic functional and versatile space, but what if you have a shaped garden? Or you would like the building to occupy an unusual size or shaped space? Or your garden is difficult to access? You may think that you can’t have a garden room and from many suppliers of standard buildings you may not be able to, but with Cosy Garden Rooms you will.

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, with different access points, gradients and slopes. In this blog post we explore how a bespoke garden room can be designed and built to meet all your requirements, maximise space, overcome access issues and recreate a fantastic feature.

Different Shapes

Custom-made garden rooms can be built to suit the specific requirements and preferences of the customer. Not all suppliers offer this, Cosy Garden Rooms do. We have built triangular garden rooms, garden rooms over ponds, garden rooms with gable roofs, garden rooms with slanted roofs, L-Shaped Garden rooms, long narrow garden rooms. Whatever your requirements we feel confident that we can build it. One of our recent customers who we built a triangular room for said:

“I tried 16 garden room companies, 8 didn’t get back to me, 6 couldn’t build it, CGR and one other said they could, I got two quotes and the CGR price was half that of the other company”

Design for a triangular bespoke garden room showing construction and dimensions by Cosy Garden rooms.

Above is the specification and CAD drawing for the triangular build. From the front it appears rectangular but the building fills an awkward shaped shape in the garden.

Maximising and Utilising Space

Awkwardly shaped gardens, sloping terrains, or tight spaces can often be a challenge when planning for additional structures. Cosy Garden Rooms can design and build for any garden layout be that a narrow strip of land, an L-shaped garden, or an uneven surface our team can tailor the garden room design to seamlessly integrate with your surroundings. We can also build overhangs, canopies and decking areas. It may seem a minor point but if your space isn’t large we can build tight to the boundaries, for example a building tucked behind a garage can gain extra floor space by being tucked up to the boundaries.

Building on-site: Overcoming Access Issues:

Limited access through narrow pathways, small gates, or tight corners can make it seemingly impossible to deliver and assemble pre-fabricated structures. We build all our garden rooms on site, eliminating any access issues as we can navigate narrow passageways, slops or restricted entrances. We bring all materials and tools, concrete is delivered to site and can be piped or barrowed for the base. You will see your garden constructed with meticulous attention to detail.

This is a garden office fitted in a redundant space tucked behind a garage. The building is

3.7m x 2.7m. This is a non-standard size to make the building as large as possible. Constructed on site without requiring access to the rear of all sides.

Bespoke Design and Functionality:

The beauty of Cosy Garden Rooms is their ability to meet all your needs and requirements. If you have a firm idea of what you would like we will be able to deliver that vision for you. If you don’t have a firm idea we can help, advise and suggest designs; if we see the space we work with you to create the perfect room. There are many options available; from windows, doors; colour and material e.g. UPVC or aluminium, cladding options and colours, buildings can be clad using more than one colour. The type, size and amount of windows and doors is customisable. Roofs can be slanted, gable, flat or green.

From selecting the materials and finishes to incorporating practical features like insulation, lighting, ventilation, electrics, decking, steps, internal fit out; bars, desks, workbenches every aspect can be tailored to create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Yes, garden rooms can have toilets and bathrooms installed as part of their design. If you plan to use your garden room as a guest suite or an office or gym, having a bathroom with a toilet, sink, and/or shower would be very useful. Understanding what’s involved is essential, here we try to offer some honest advice and tips.

Below is a cedar clad garden room with overhang, decking step to the front and canopy to the side. The existing tree is rooted in a raised bed that was incorporated into the design. The raised bed was clad in cedar to match the room and we created a seating area to make a useful feature.

Combined Garden Room with toilet & shower room | Cosy Garden Rooms | Nottingham

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