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8 Ways a Garden Room is Good for your Business.

Did you start 2024 as your own boss? Has your business outgrown your spare bedroom? Do you need additional space for a home office or business? Since the pandemic the way we work has changed, whilst many are back in the office many more business and people have adopted hybrid and home based working models as the norm.


Research from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) states that the UK is home to 3.2 million sole traders, many of who work from home. There is clear evidence and view point that a dedicated working environment is beneficial for creating a positive work life balance and it is undisputable that the overheads are massively lower; a garden room is good for your business.


Below are some examples of the types of businesses that we have built garden rooms for.


1. Beauty Therapist

A really popular use for a garden room, offering flexible working hours and patterns, lower overheads than a salon and a fantastic opportunity to create a space that fits your style; creative, minimalist, bold, tranquil. All garden rooms are fully customisable with paint, flooring, wall graphics and décor, internal partitions and separate rooms or areas can be constructed. Below is a nail salon garden room, it is a bespoke design, that didn't require planning permission.


A bespoke beauty salon garden room by Cosy Garden Rooms

2. Accountant

Monitoring the finances of a business is a fundamental concept. It's common for businesses to use external accountants. A garden office can include meeting rooms and office space, so clients can visit with privacy and comfort. Fully insulated buildings have year-round use, for extra comfort you can include under floor heating and air conditioning. 

Double garden office pod below for Mrs Jones of Duffield, Derbyshire.

A bespoke size garden office, it has double sliding glass doors and is light and dark grey.

Below a 6m x 3m garden office for a customer in Nottingham; cedar clad with black upvc windows and doors, black contemporary overhang and composite decking.

A large cedar clad contemporary garden office with black upvc windows and doors.

3. Etsy Creator and Crafter

Do you have crafty handmade items that you believe could have commercial success? Are you already smashing it on Etsy and NotOnTheHighStreet and need a dedicated space to run your business? Both platforms have expansive clientele the orders would soon be flooding in by making your items in your garden room or garden studio you eliminate any overhead that may come with renting a studio; you can work when you want how you want and simply close the door when you are done for the day.

Sals Forever Flowers workshop and partitioned office; 6m x 3m, two tone composite cladding in light mist and light green to match the business branding. Anthractic upvc doors and windows.

4. Virtual Assistant

The popularity of virtual assistants (VAs) has increased substantially since the pandemic and so has the demand for garden offices to base these booming businesses from. Companies have become much more comfortable with the concept of outsourcing, as it has the potential to save them a significant amount of money as opposed to hiring a permanent employee. A garden office provides a quite space, with an excellent commute meaning you are available as and when clients need you.

5. Professional Consultant

Many consultants become freelance, they enjoy the flexibility and the benefits being their own boss, some go on to create budding businesses and others remain home based.

A purpose-built garden office is a great option compared to renting an office space, which can be expensive. Plus, you could zone your garden room so that you have somewhere to meet clients, perhaps have a gym area and/or a relaxination space.

The garden room below is a perfect of example of a multi-functional space, it could well become one of the most used rooms in the house or should we say the garden.

Mike Humphries of Lincoln,

6 Personal Trainer

For any passionate fitness buffs and qualified personal trainers, having your own garden room to open up your own personal training business could be a great option. Not only do you get to experience the gratification of helping your clients reach their goals, you also get your own dedicated spot to stay fit and trim - all without the need to pay monthly dues to commercial gyms. Bi-fold doors are a superb choice for home gyms, as they let in light and fresh air, and keep you feeling cool and as though you are outdoors without any wet weather to worry about!

7. Music Tutor

Much like life coaching, working as a music tutor from your garden room can be a great little business. A garden room is a better option than tutoring from inside your home (or theirs) as it provides an uninterrupted space to perform.

Example building if you have one, name, location, small amount of detail about the room, what are the acoustics like?

8. Counsellor / Life Coach

If you are or are thinking of becoming, an independent counsellor or life coach a garden room can offer you a tranquil, convenient, and private area for you to interact with your clients. Your garden room will also give your clients a safe and comfortable environment to share their stories. With a bespoke design service, the room can be built to your specific needs and requirements, There could be a separate office to consulting room, an open plan office with big glass doors looking out across the garden to create a soothing, calming space. There are many ways to personalise and customise a bespoke garden office.

Cosy Garden Rooms - Garden Room Sale, 10% off high quality buildings.

Models shown range in price from £15,000 to £40,000.

If you would like to talk to us about a project or get a no obligation quote please contact Mark on 0115 7722715, or WhatsApp him directly on 07887505053.


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