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Roberts Twins Photography Studio in Hastings

Project Overview

  • Client - Roberts Twins Photography, Hastings, East Sussex

  • Product - Photography Studio

  • Budget - £40,000

  • Build Time - 5 Days

Services Provided

  • Design

  • Management

  • Foundations

  • Build

  • Electrics

  • Flooring & Internal Decoration

Roberts Twins Photography are a professional photography business run by twin brothers; Stuart and Lee based in Hastings, East Sussex. They specialise in family, newborn, pet and wedding photography.

Stuart and Lee wanted a space from which they could grow their business, a purpose built photography studio. Their time was split between working from home, on location or hiring a studio by the hour.

Photography Studio Requirements

  • Open plan space for photography shoots and an office/desk working area.

  • The building needed to be 3 mtrs high to accommodate photography lighting and backdrops.

  • Three solid walls to enable them to set up shoots etc (no windows).

  • Large central doors for natural light.

  • Well insulated to create a warm space in the winter.

  • Air conditioning.

Final Design of the Photography Studio

  • The building is 7m x 4m with durable boothbay blue Hardie board cladding.

  • Concrete foundation.

  • Fully insulated.

  • Safety/secure boarded walls.

  • Central double sliding door on the front of the building.

  • Slimline narrow full height windows either side of the doors.

  • Doors and windows are double glazed Anthracite UVPC with safety glass.

  • Overhang on one side with remote sensor downlights.

Working Photography Studio the Benefits

  • Our business has grown, turnover has increased.

  • Business is completely separate from home life.

  • We are able to offer services that we couldn't before.

  • Commute is fantastic!

  • The garden and nature seem to relax our clients, they really enjoy visiting the studio.

  • No more expensive studio rents.

  • The space is multi functional, we use it for parties and family get togethers too.

We spoke to Stuart recently to see how they were getting on since having their Cosy Garden Room Photography Studio built.

Why did you decide to get a garden room?

Myself and my Twin (business partner) wanted a cheaper alternative to renting a studio, we wanted somewhere convenient and close to home. Before we had a studio, we would rent a studio by the hour which meant we were rushed and it cost a lot more. A garden room was also a cheaper alternative than having an extension on the house. I really wanted to grow our business and having a studio of our own, somewhere we could do our photography easily without all the massive outgoings of rent was the next key step for enabling that growth.

What has it allowed you to do that you couldn’t do before?

By having our own studio we were able to grow our business and do all the things we wanted to do, i.e. newborn photography and dog photography, families etc. I can practice new ideas, work on our editing in peace away from my busy household. Our newborn photography can sometimes see us with clients for 4 hours, this wasn’t cost effective when renting a studio by the hour. ​I can do whatever ideas I like now, whenever I like, no big overheads, no booking slots.

Do your clients enjoy visiting the studio? ​​​

​​​​Yes we very often get highly praised on how good it looks, and how good the setup is inside. They feel very comfortable inside.

Did you have a fixed idea of the design/how you wanted the building to look or did Mark design the building based on your requirements?

We had a good idea, as we know the requirements/features we need to work in. The building needed to be taller than a standard garden room so that we could fix our lighting high. This meant we needed planning permission, Mark went through all this with us and where other companies wouldn’t go higher and couldn’t assist or advise with planning Mark gave me confidence right from the start that this was possible. ​

​How did you hear about CGR’s?

It was internet research, I contacted many companies who said they could build bespoke garden rooms but Cosy Garden Rooms were the only ones who could build a higher building.

How was your experience with CGR’s?

Second to none! Mark was very helpful he gave me confidence from the start that he knew what he was doing, he wasn’t pushy, and the communication was fantastic. We were often in contact asking questions but nothing was too much trouble.  I have dealt with many trades people, and most have let me down but not with Cosy Garden Rooms. The whole process was very smooth. When doing the work, the team were tidy, polite, and approachable. Compared to many others I felt that my garden room was very good value for money. I was impressed that when I had a slight issue afterwards, this was quickly rectified and someone came down from Nottingham to Sussex and sorted it quickly and efficiently.

Would you recommend CGR’s and do you have any advice for anyone else thinking about outdoor/garden rooms/offices?

I don't write reviews, but I did for Cosy Garden Rooms, I was so impressed with the service and workmanship.

I now have a beautiful fully functioning professional studio. I can grow my business in the comfort of my own home. I had air con installed by Cosy Garden Rooms, so  I have a place that is cool in the hot summer and nice and toastie in the winter. I can use my studio all year around. Plus, it’s not only a studio but also an escape, a study, a dining room at Christmas for the whole family, a party room for New Years Eve, a poker room for myself and my loud mates; the list goes on – it’s brilliant!

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