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100 Bespoke Garden Buildings Fitted!

Cosy Garden Rooms proudly announces a significant milestone, having successfully fitted 100 bespoke garden buildings. This accomplishment marks a testament to the company's commitment to delivering high-quality garden room solutions that add value and enhance the outdoor living experience for their customers.

When we think of garden buildings we often think of garden offices or summer houses and whilst we have built many rooms to be used as offices and places to relax we are finding that the reasons people are having garden rooms is changing and becoming more complex.

Recently we have built an annexe for someone’s parents to stay in when they visit; the client's Dad has dementia and finds the main house difficult to orientate; the garden room has been the perfect solution.

Another client built a garden room purely for storage, as it was far cheaper than an extension or a garage. We’ve built a soundproof booth for a sports commentator to work from, several accessible rooms and a huge room for a model train enthusiast.

Our clients are definitely seeing the potential of garden rooms as a quality and cost effective way of increasing the usable space in their homes. We offer a quality and price guarantee and because we don’t sell off the shelf solutions we can give people exactly what they need.

Building bespoke and having a team of skilled craftsmen and innovative design capabilities, we have built a strong reputation for creating tailor-made garden room solutions that cater to the unique requirements of each customer, we get lots of recommendations as a result.

The 100th fitted garden room signifies a significant achievement for us. It showcases our team's dedication and expertise in creating tailor-made solutions that perfectly complement our customers' lifestyles, whatever that may be.

As the demand for outdoor living spaces continues to grow, Cosy Garden Rooms remain focused on expanding their range of services and offerings, we have ambitious plans for the future. Products are constantly evolving, utilising environmentally friendly products, for example, green roofs. A tree planting scheme is being developed and new shapes, designs and finishes are being introduced all the time; even a rendered garden room is now a possibility.

Bespoke Photography Studio by Cosy Garden Rooms, Derby, Nottingham

Combined Garden Room with toilet & shower room | Cosy Garden Rooms | Nottingham

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