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Alvechurch C of E Middle School in Birmingham

Project Overview

  • Client - Alvechurch C of E Middle School, Alvechurch, Worcestershire

  • Product - 4 outdoor classroom buildings

  • Budget - £100,000

  • Build Time - 12 Days

Services Provided

  • Design

  • Customisation

  • CDM Services - Construction Design & Management

  • Foundations

  • Build

  • Electrics

  • Flooring and Internal Decoration

Alvechurch Middle School is a coeducational Church of England Middle School located in the village of Alvechurch in Worcestershire, it is part of the Bromsgrove 3 tier education system. It has 435 pupils aged 9 - 13 years and is rated good by Ofsted.

The school building was opened in 2008 and provides a modern, contemporary environment. It has its own sports fields and spacious outdoor areas.

The brief was to provide the school with a cluster of adjacent buildings in their garden setting to enable them to have smaller spaces to successfully meet the changing needs and requirements of pupils.

The Main Building

Floor area of 7.5 metres x 4 metres with an external ceiling height of 3 metres, 2.5 metres internally. The school wanted the option of using the room as a gym/exercise room. The increased ceiling height would provide more movement space and better airflow. With bi fold doors, single rear door, 0.6 metre overhang and 1 metre composite decking to the front of the building. Clad using light grey maintenance free composite cladding with upvc anthracite grey windows and doors and grey aluminium bi-fold doors.

Buildings 2, 3 and 4

Building 2 - Floor area of 5 metre x 4 metre, with upvc double sliding doors. Light grey maintenance free composite cladding and upvc anthracite grey windows and doors.

Building 3 & 4 - Floor area of 3 metres x 3 metres. Single sliding patio doors with floor to ceiling corner windows. Light grey maintenance free composite cladding and upvc anthracite grey windows and doors.

The Finished School Rooms

See a variety of images of the completed classrooms and other school rooms both inside and out. Also take a look at the testimonial video from the school business manager and the virtual tour of the site by clicking here or view below.

We caught up with Lisa the school’s business development manager to see how they are getting on since having their Cosy Garden Room building’s fitted.

Why did you require additional space?

We have a great school, we have 435 pupils and a maximum capacity of 440 however we found that the needs of the pupils were/are changing, especially since the pandemic. We wanted to be better equipped to look after the pupils that we already have, to enhance their learning environment.

Some pupils require smaller group learning environments e.g. gifted and talented and those that struggle to keep up. Quiet talking spaces, meeting rooms for parents, visitors etc, recovery spaces for those with behavioural and sensory challenges are just some of the reasons smaller, private spaces were required.

Why did you choose outdoor buildings?

When we identified the need for additional space I did quite a lot of research into the options available to us. Our first thoughts were to upgrade the garden room that we already have. This was donated to the school a few years ago and it’s been popular with the pupils, however it has no insulation and the foundations aren’t particularly robust. We looked into this but basically it wasn’t possible to upgrade. We needed to start again. I looked at shipping containers, portacabins but then a recommendation came from a colleague at a nearby school who already had 2 Cosy Garden Room Buildings. I went along to see them and was sold. They were perfect.

Why did you choose Cosy Garden Rooms?

I’d seen the quality and had a glowing recommendation; however, I did my due diligence and got 3 formal quotations and went through the tender process. Cosy Garden Rooms came out on top by a country mile.

Do the children and staff like the building?

Everyone likes the buildings! They are warm; we had under floor heating installed in them all. They are a natural environment, connected to nature. They are flooded with natural daylight. They are private, open environments removing the barriers that can be present in typical school environments. We find the children that use the rooms are calmer, less anxious and frequently more engaged than when they have been in formal school settings. The buildings are connected to but separate from the school. Pupils feel like it is a privilege to come into them.

What do you use the buildings for?

This is a great plus for us, the spaces are versatile and easily adapted or changed, at the moment we use one as a timetabled learning space/classroom, 15 students can use the room at once. We have a formal meeting room, a sensory room and a welcome room. The welcome room is for children who struggle to come to school in the mornings, avoiding the busy reception area. Using the welcome pod significantly reduces their anxiety and it has improved attendance.

How was your experience with Cosy Garden Rooms?

I can’t thank them enough, it was brilliant from start to finish. Mark was so helpful, nothing was too much trouble, his knowledge and experience was invaluable and the installation team were amazing! Tidy, courteous, efficient and reliable. The buildings are great quality, they are well built, sound, sturdy and secure; you can feel the quality - we love them!

Would you recommend Cosy Garden Rooms to other schools?

Absolutely, 100% and I already have!

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