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Flower Preservation Workshop and Office in Telford

Project Overview

  • Client - Sal's Forever Flowers, Telford, Shropshire

  • Product - A workshop and office space

  • Budget - £25,000

  • Build Time - 5 days

Services Provided

  • Design

  • Foundations

  • Build

  • Electrics

  • Flooring & Internal Decoration

Sals Forever Flowers outgrew their current working space and needed to expand while still working from home.

Home Business Building Design Requirements

  • Office space for general admin and meeting clients.

  • Practical and hard wearing working space.

  • Specific design features due to the nature of the work with chemicals involved.

  • External colour scheme to link to the business logo.

Studio Workshop and Office Room Specification

  • 6.7m×2.4m

  • Pearl grey and soft green coloured Hardie Board maintenance free cladding

  • Anthracite UPVC doors and windows

  • 1.2m wide french doors

  • Tall top opening windows to the sides of the doors

  • Front overhang with LED lighting

  • Dimmable LED internal lighting and electrical sockets in both rooms

  • OSB internal wall on the studio workshop side

  • Extractor fans for fume extraction

Sal's Forever Flowers Finished Building

Sal talks to Cosy Garden Rooms on this testimonial video and you can take a tour of her garden room workshop and office by clicking here.

This multi award winning flower preservation business is keeping Sal and her team busy and working from her converted garage and home was no longer an option. Having to meet clients in her house as the garage was the working space was in no way ideal.  

Since the garden was small, the position was clear where this working space had to go.  Therefore the design had to be worked around the space as well as the business requirements.  Cosy Garden Rooms worked with Sal remotely for much of the process, asking all the right questions regarding the design features.  This led to the initial design being the actual design to be built, right the first time. Due to the way Cosy Garden Rooms favour horizontal cladding (which is how the composite boarding should be used) it was possible for the building to be clad in 2 colours which closely matched the business logo.

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