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New Temporary Classrooms to Replace RAAC Closed School Buildings

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

This is a trying and difficult time for schools affected by RAAC and the families of children who attend them. The possibilities of having to return to home schooling or having similar aged siblings being taught in different locations is difficult both for parents and the movement of teaching staff. Inevitably, there is going to be disruption and solutions need to be quick and cost effective.

How soon could I get a temporary classroom?

Cosy Garden Rooms are prioritising resources towards schools in order to get children back into the classroom after being displaced by RAAC closures. Many schools, already pushed for space and alternative learning environments, now have the opportunity to use the current situation to think beyond a temporary solution to their classroom needs and build something more permanent. However, it has to be quick. The government has promised support in order to find solutions to the classrooms being closed across the country, therefore providing the means to a solution. Local Authorities will also be desperate to help schools find temporary provision so will do all they can to grant permission to find that solution. Cosy Garden Rooms can provide custom built school rooms, fitting into any spaces you have on site, and these rooms will be still here once the RAAC issue has been resolved. In terms of the solution to your immediate requirement of a learning space, Cosy Garden Rooms can normally have your new classroom built within a week.

School rooms added extra space for a special school for children with learning difficulties
School rooms added extra space for a special school for children with learning difficulties

How long will it take to fix my school with RAAC?

It could be many years before the closed school buildings are able to reopen with fully replaced roof structures, safe for those using them. Therefore the long term cost of hiring a temporary building should be looked at in comparison to purchasing a more permanent resource. Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete or RAAC was used in a time when many schools were being built (between 1950 and 1990) commonly with flat roof structures which is where RAAC is prevalent and causing the main issue. The number of schools affected by this is large and not fully known even now and the solution is yet to be determined. It is predicted to be a long process with more disruption as it will involve a major building programme in every case. Another reason why schools shouldn’t just accept temporary, unsuitable structures as alternative learning spaces. These “temporary” classrooms are likely to be in use for a number of years with an ongoing hire cost.

I need an unusual shape building to fit into the space I have in my school grounds but most temporary classrooms are regular shapes.

Cosy Garden Rooms (CGR) are specialists in providing both school room provision and also fitting buildings into unusual or awkward spaces. Many schools are already pushed for physical space, already making the most of the grounds for the betterment of the pupils' learning. Making a wedge or triangular shaped building is not unusual for CGR. Dean Selby, MD of CGR said “Due to the way we construct the room on site means we are able to adapt and fit buildings into those difficult corners of the school yard or field. Lining the door up with the path so there is no additional groundwork needed for example is no problem. Disabled access is also no problem with ramps and low threshold doors. Within all this upheaval, there is an opportunity for these schools to build a legacy here that will serve them well for many years to come.”

What is RAAC?

Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete has been compared to a concrete version of an aero chocolate bar, full of small air pockets, making it a lighter concrete structure. However, the chocolate bar comparison could be used to explain the RAAC issue. Try snapping a bar of solid chocolate Dairy Milk for example over that Aero bar. Most people will know the Aero is easily snapped in comparison. What is making this worse is concrete is reinforced with what is called rebar. This is a solid steel framework hidden within the concrete. Steel, a ferrous metal, can rust when in contact with both water and crucially, air. Within standard solid reinforced concrete, the rebar steel framework is completely enclosed so both dry and protected from the air. This RAAC can allow water and air into the structure. This is the issue as no one really knows how this has affected the steel framework within the RAAC. It has to be assumed that it is compromised and therefore has to be replaced.

Where can I get a temporary classroom quickly?

Contact Cosy Garden Rooms (CGR) and get a custom designed, well insulated classroom quickly. Having provided many School Classroom Buildings already, CGR are specialists in their field and are able to act immediately with your request with same-day designs and quotes. Contact Mark on 0115 7722715, or WhatsApp (direct dial mobile) on 07887505053 and start the process of finding a replacement classroom now. CGR staff are DBS checked so can work on site while the school is open and safety measures can be introduced such as temporary fencing to ensure a safe environment. However, most classroom buildings are finished in a week so disruption is minimal. You will however end up with a long lasting classroom with no long-term hire cost which you will be able to use long after this RAAC issue has been resolved.

My staffroom or office has been closed by RAAC so I need a new space for my teachers or admin team.

The design of the building is completely flexible so what you use the room for is up to you. It can be designed with privacy glass, separate partitioned room for lockers or storage and electrical sockets in the right places for working and preparation areas so teachers can plug in their laptops. These are truly customisable spaces and the uses are many.

Small office unit for staff or individual learning
Small office unit for staff or individual learning

What do I need to do to get replacement classrooms?

  • Contact Cosy Garden Rooms (CGR) ( with as much information about the spaces you have where a new classroom building could be installed.

  • Get a same day design and quote from CGR.

  • Contact your Local Authority (LA) or in the case of Academy the body responsible for the premises and make sure they grant permission for this new classroom to replace your RAAC closed buildings. There is an urgent need for these additional spaces so this permission should be forthcoming.

  • Find out how the Government has promised support and find out how you get this support for your new classroom.

  • Once you have permission and the means to access the emergency funds, place your order with us and we will work with you to get this new room installed as soon as possible.

01157722715 or 07887505053

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