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Can Garden Rooms have Toilets & Shower Room?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Yes, garden rooms can have toilets and bathrooms installed as part of their design. If you plan to use your garden room as a guest suite or an office or gym, having a bathroom with a toilet, sink, and/or shower would be very useful. Understanding what’s involved is essential, here we try to offer some honest advice and tips.

Combined Garden Room with toilet & shower room | Cosy Garden Rooms | Nottingham

Firstly, keep in mind that adding a bathroom to your garden room will require additional plumbing services and considerations, which will cause the overall costs to go up significantly. A garden room with a toilet or shower room is classed as self-contained sleeping accommodation, basically, the building could be lived in therefore building regulations apply and will be required.

Installing a toilet adds the same facilities as residential accommodation, where a higher specification is required. Also, depending on the size of your garden room, you may have to obtain planning permission from your local authority. You can find more information on Planning Permission here.

Electricity and internet are commonplace in a garden building but running water is needed for a bathroom, this can be and is likely to be expensive. However, it is an investment and will add value to your property if and when you decide to sell.

A toilet may require the addition of a septic tank or mains drainage connection for your house facilities. Therefore, it is important to do your research and obtain the necessary permissions before starting the construction of your garden room with a toilet/bathroom. If you decide with all things considered you would like to have a toilet or shower room we advise discussing your plans with us in the initial design stages.

Groundwork is one of the largest costs when installing a toilet, pipes may need to be

installed which could lead to excavation of your garden in order to lay them. The laying of

pipes will usually begin before the garden room construction. When the garden room is

installed, the pipes will already be in position and the building is placed on top of where the

pipes come out of the ground.

There is no hiding it a self-contained garden room with a toilet/shower room will require

considerably more budget. This is particularly true for a long garden where the garden room

is located at the bottom.

We have tried to be as honest as we can be in this article, we can and do install garden

rooms with toilets and bathrooms however, sometimes, it’s not possible or costs make it


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